Befriending Conflict ...making conflict safer, more productive, and more fun

Joe Goodbread and Kate Jobe are the founders and principals of the Befriending Conflict project, currently expanding into a international network of associates.

Joe Goodbread photoJoe Goodbread is one of the architects of the acclaimed Befriending Conflict program, sponsored by the European Union under the Peace II initiative, to help community workers along the Northern Irish border cope with the stress and anxiety of the highly charged conflictual atmosphere in which they worked. He teaches and practices conflict management and psychotherapy in Portland, Oregon and throughout the world. He is the author of three previous books and numerous articles on Process Oriented Psychology. He is also an engineer and inventor, holding several patents in the field of fluid properties sensing.

Kate Jobe photoKate Jobe is an international lecturer and workshop facilitator. She is a co-founder of Befriending Conflict and the Chernobyl Project; a study of the effects of the aftermath of the Chernobyl accident on those who cleaned it up. Kate is a movement specialist with a keen interested in the role that non-verbal communication and experience plays in human interaction. She coaches individuals and has used movement work to help people realize their greatest potential as leaders in their fields.


Reini Hauser photoDr. Reini Hauser, psychotherapist, coach and group facilitator, is co-director of the Institute for Process Work Zurich, Switzerland, and for the past 25 years a close associate of Drs. Arny and Amy Mindell. He works with individual, relationship and group dynamics and facilitates change processes with executives and teams in organizations and business. His approach to consulting, coaching and group work is based on worldwork and has been successfully applied in teaching and training in more than 25 countries worldwide (among others, at the ETH Zurich) as well as in hot spots like the Balcans and Northern Ireland(EU Peace II supported program ‘Befriending Conflict’). He is the author of several articles on process work, a presenter at conferences and a founder of training programs, among others, in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and recently, in ZIST (Munich). See

Lukas Hohler photoLukas Hohler works internationally as a coach, trainer, facilitator, and conflictworker and is based in Switzerland. He specializes in and has developed training programs for empowering professionals working with human beings such as teachers, youth workers, social workers and counselors. Together with his colleague Dr. Joe Goodbread he has been developing and implementing soft skills for companies working in the field of counseling and advising. He is also on faculy of Process Work trainings in Switzerland and Russia.

His education in Conflict Resolution began with a certificate in Psychodrama (Psychodrama Assistant Director, 1997-1999) at the Moreno Institute in Zurich. At Antioch University in Ohio he conducted his studies in Conflict Resolution (M.A., 1998-2001). In Switzerland he attended post-graduate-courses in Dissocial Behavior and Criminology (2002 – 2003) and Victim-Offender Mediation (2004). In 2008 he completed his therapeutic training in Process Oriented Psychology (Dipl. POP, 1994-2008) at the Institute of Process Work in Zurich. Process Work forms the base of his work with individuals and groups in private practice and with organizations.

Lukas Hohler is a member of the Global Process Work Institute and the International Association of Process Oriented Psychology.